Pregnancy Massage + Luxury Pedicure
2 hours R700
Spoil Her
Facial + Luxury Pedicure with Gel
2h 30min R800
Spoil Him
Deep Tissue + MediHeel Pedicure
2 hours R800
Friends Forever
Full Body Massage, Luxury Pedicure, Facial, Scalp Massage
3 hours R2500
Mother & Daughter
Facial, Classic Manicure, Classic Pedicure with Foot Scrub
2 hours R1500
Couples Retreat
Scrub, Wrap, Massage, Luxury Manicure OR Pedicure, Facial
2h 30min R2200
per couple
Urban Teen
Deep Cleanse Facial, Classic Pedicure, Back Massage
2 hours R750
It’s all about You
Scrub, Wrap, Massage, Facial, Pedicure, Manicure + Light Lunch
4h 30min R1800